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What we’re doing with WolframAlpha

Originally, I started this post with the title “What I’m doing with Wolfram|Alpha” and then I revised it, because it’s not just me using Wolfram|Alpha. My students are using it too. Here are some of the...

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Don’t get WolframAlpha Implications? Try these examples.

Wolfram|Alpha is a “computational search engine” built by Wolfram Research (the developers of Mathematica). W|A (pronounce this as “walpha” if you’d like) is similar in appearance to the search engines that we are used to and...

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Chemistry and WolframAlpha

This post highlights the potential impact of Wolfram|Alpha on the course curriculum in math and chemistry. It provides examples of how the tool can be used in chemistry, such as converting units, providing detailed chemistry information, comparing the chemistry of different elements or compounds, and solving chemical formulas. The author emphasizes the importance of exploring the possibilities of integrating Wolfram|Alpha into teaching and learning strategies.

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