So, perhaps we’re struggling a bit with the possibility of our course curriculum shifting a bit in math with the introduction of Wolfram|Alpha.   If you’re not struggling a bit, perhaps you haven’t played with it enough yet to really grasp the implications here.

Just so you know, whether they know it or not, the chemistry educators are going to have to think about this too.  Here are some examples:

Wolfram Alpha will convert units.

It will give you all the chemistry of an element, a compound, or something more complicated (make sure to click on “more”).

It will compare the chemistry of several elements or compounds.

It will solve a chemical formula for a specific variable (make sure to click on “show steps”).

Wolfram Alpha will do chemical conversions for you or do formula calculations.

Shows WolframAlpha screen after converting 2.3 grams of water to moles.

If there’s a chemist in your circle of friends, perhaps it’s time they got to join in the fun!