While we strive to create a perfect resource, not even multiple error checks catch everything. Generating 1000+ pages of new material, it’s impossible to catch everything. What follows is a list of typos that I am aware of in either the Tussy IRB / Workbooks or in various editions of the Algebra Activities IRB / Workbooks. If you know of a typo that is not on this list, please let me know and I will make sure it is corrected in the next edition.

Tussy IRB / Workbooks (copyright 2010)

  • Page 2-35, Q7:  Total sales should be $168,000.  [This should also be corrected in the solution on p. 2-53.]

Algebra Activities IRB / Workbooks (copyright 2011)

FACT-10  In “Now you try these!”  There should be a +2 instead of a -2 in the algorithm for #1.  There should also be some restructuring of the solutions to account for the algorithms in the problems, view the fixed solutions here.

FACT-11  In “Now you try these!” There should be a minus in the algorithm instead of a plus in #1.  The answer is fine.

FACT-13  In Example 2, in steps 5 and 6 the signs need to be corrected.  The corrected text will look like this.

FACT-14  “The first one has been done for you.” In fact, it hasn’t. But it will be in future editions. 🙂

FACT-40  The 3rd bulleted example should begin with 5x3 instead of 5x2.

RAD-51  Replace “Quotient Rule for Square Roots” with “Quotient Rule for Radical Expressions”

RAD-52  The 5th bulleted example, in the very last step, the index on the radical should be 4 instead of 5. (see correction here)

RAD-55  About 2/3 of the way down the page, we look at multiplying radical expressions with coefficients. There is an error in the qualifying statement, it should look like this instead.

RAD-63  Is missing a page number.

RAT-20  The answers to #10 and #14 do not appear in the grid.  To fix this, make the highlighted changes on the grid.  This is also corrected in the solution.