The ecosystem for mobile Apps is constantly changing.  Try a search for the name of the app with your device to see if it is available for you to use.  Don’t go solely off my notes for information on device availability, as these are not updated daily.

There are LOTS of apps out there, these are apps that I have used and been really pleased with.

  • Attendance for iPad or iPhone (for taking class attendance with photos)
  • Attendance for Android (for taking attendance)
  • Paper by Fiftythree (beautiful and elegant illustration program for iPad, pay for the full version)
  • Adobe Ideas (iPad, drawing app with full-functioned features including layering)
  • Mindomo (digital mindmapping tool for iPad and Android tablets)
  • Screen Chomp (make screencasts easily from iPad)
  • Wolfram Alpha (iPad, iPhone, Android)
  • FlipBoard (News and RSS app for iPad, rumored to be released for Android shortly)
  • StudyBlue (slick flash card app for all mobile devices, cards can be edited on the web too)
  • iAnnotate (annotate PDF documents on iPad, sync with Dropbox if you’d like)
  • Rabblebrowser (allows a facilitator to lead a group browsing experience on iPad)
  • Touchpress Books (very slick interactive books for iPad)
  • Pulse (News reader for Android, an alternative for Flipboard, but not as nice)
  • TEDAir (TED Talks App for Android)
  • This American Life (NPR App for Android or iPhone)
  • TweetCaster (Twitter client for Android, iPhone or iPad)
  • Wolfram Alpha (makes it easier to enter mathematical symbols on a mobile device while using WolframAlpha, available in all platforms)
  • Reflection App (mirroring your iPad on a Mac or PC, once it’s mirrored, you can do a screencast from the computer)
  • Coach’s Eye (Video capture with slow-motion review, drawing tools, and simple sharing, iOS only)
Accessibility / Special Needs
  • Proloquo2go (natural sounding text-to-speech app with images, organized into categories, users can also build their own)
  • Grace App (helps autistic and other special needs children to communicate effectively)
  • SmallTalk Aphasia (Male or Female)
  • urTalker

Don’t waste your time on these …

  • OneNote for iPad (text only, no freeform drawing, requires wifi to work, requires Microsoft Live ID)