1. Jing gives students and instructors the ability to capture an image of any graph or equation they see on their screen and share it anywhere else (message boards, emails, papers, digital assignments). Using Jing you can also record videos of up to 5 minutes in length. [Free, Mac/PC] Not sure how to use Jing? Check out the tutorials at the end of this post.

2. Wolfram Demonstrations provides close to 3,000 interactive demonstrations on mathematics. Students and instructors can play with demonstrations by downloading Mathematica Player. Demonstrations can be written by anyone with a copy of Mathematica and are reviewed before they become part of the Demonstrations Project. [Free, Mac/PC]

3. WebAssign is a publisher-independent site for online homework. It was designed originally for physics and does a particularly good job of handling the problems unique to learning math-based content. Publishers work with WebAssign to create online homework for their texts. [$ for students, PC/Mac] Note: You can write your own problems for WebAssign, in which case, there would be no cost for students. WeBWorK is also worth a mention here for the more technically-inclined.

4. WizIQ provides a platform to easily hold online office hours. You have the option of audio and video on both ends, multiple users, interactive whiteboard, and file upload. Sessions are recorded and can be accessed for 30 days. [Free, Mac/PC]

5. Windows Journal combined with a tablet are incredible for enhancing the content of a math lesson. Unfortunately, you either have Windows Journal, or you don’t (it comes with Windows Tablet XP and with most versions of Windows Vista). Luckily, there are other free alternate versions alternatives like Jarnal. A commercial alternative to Windows Journal (which has a lot of fans) is Microsoft OneNote.

6. Camtasia Studio 6 gives me the power to record my lectures live, edit them after, and produce them to a variety of formats. Version 6 is built with some features that work better with tablets. [$, PC] If you’re on a Mac, check out Adobe Captivate. [$, PC/Mac]

7. Pen Attention solves the problem of the tiny cursor when you are projecting from a tablet program in your classroom. [Free, PC]

8. The Wacom Bamboo tablet is an inexpensive option to join the Tablet PC world. Combine this with the programs from #5 and #6 to create great online content. [$, PC/Mac]

9. Screencast.com lets me liberate my videos from a learning management system. I upload all my videos to screencast, then I can insert the link to one of my videos in an email, put it in an online course, place it on a message board, or share it on my blog. [$, PC/Mac]

10. MathType Lite is an oldie but goodie. Combine MathType with Jing and students can share equations anywhere. After the 30 days of the 30-day trial, MathType becomes MathType Lite. For students, this is ideal. [Free, PC/Mac]