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India Travelogue

Why do I volunteer to give presentations (even when I have nothing prepared) … it’s because it forces me to organize my thoughts (or in this case, pictures) in a coherent way – in a way that I can easily share them with others. And so, somehow we ended up doing a Travelogue on our adventures in India. Today I am wearing my sari to work … I thought I would also share with all of you (each link opens a video, all built using Animoto). Here is Southern India: Cochin, Blog post: Sights in Cochin (about traveling in India with a blind man) and the Sari Department Store Backwaters of Kerala, Blog Post: Morning walk in the Backwaters Countryside of Kerala Wildlife in India Adventures in Madurai Train to Pondicherry, Blog Post: Notes from Train Car S5) Mamallapuram Mysore Jungle Retreat and Ooty Also, don’t miss my collection of strange newspaper articles from India Northern India New Delhi – Old Delhi Rural Rajasthan, Blog posts: Jeep Ride in Rural Northern India and If you think your job is pointless … Red Palace and the Taj Mahal¬†(Taj Mahal photos here) There’s actually more to this part of the trip, but this is basically where I ran out of steam and started relaxing too much to blog (also getting Internet became harder). So for now, this is it. Why did...

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What I Learned on my Sabbatical

Subtitle: Officially Back to Work Here’s the flashy version (a little hard to read the captions): And the more boring “click-through” version: What I learned on my Sabbatical Uploaded on authorSTREAM by wyandersen |¬†Upload your own presentation Possibly Related Posts: The Four Processors: A Neogeneralist Problem? My New Work Colleagues Momentary Lapse of Memory New Chapter: Life Reboot Self Evaluation: List of...

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Bike to Work Day in Muskegon

Joel and some of his colleagues at the bank biked to work today. Joel’s round trip time is close to 2.5 hours. Possibly Related Posts: Why I Love Maria, or Love Hack (baby, love hack) Communing with the Pigs And Joel says he has nothing to say… Thoughts on the Honey-Do...

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My life as a cat

Sorry, I’m not capable of being that lazy. Possibly Related Posts: All for a piece of chicken The New Dog Toy Halley loves Christine Sleep in and celebrate the Holiday! Taggart Grades...

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