Clearly, the best of 2010 is yet to be published (happy to report that the last two chapters of my dissertation have been turned in to my advisor).

Time seems to bend towards the end of the year in a way that I don’t actually remember all the things I’ve done in this year (every year feels like three years to me).  So, it’s always useful to me to reflect on what I accomplished during the actual calendar year.

Places I visited (for speaking engagements, conferences, meetings or fun*):

  • Arizona: Scottsdale, Phoenix (twice), and Sedona*
  • California: Mountain View
  • Florida: Orlando
  • Georgia: Savannah
  • Indiana: Indianapolis (twice) and Bloomington
  • Illinois: Chicago
  • Massachusetts: Boston (twice)
  • Michigan: Ypsilanti, Detroit, Flint, Ann Arbor
  • Missouri: Kansas City
  • North Carolina: Raleigh
  • Oklahoma: Oklahoma City (twice)
  • Texas: Ft. Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and El Paso (all different trips)
  • Virginia: Fairfax
  • Washington: Seattle
  • Wisconsin: Madison
  • International: Germany, Belgium*, The Netherlands*

Presentations I built this year (at 20-30 hours per presentation, this is no small task):

  • Algebra is Weightlifting for the Brain (slides or video)
  • Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age (mindmap)
  • Math Technology to Engage, Delight and Excite (slides or video)
  • Mathematweets (Prezi)
  • Playing to Learn Math? (Prezi or video)
  • Playing to Learn? (Prezi)
  • Play and Learn (mindmap)
  • Levers of Change in Higher Education (Prezi or video)
  • Future Proof Your Education (Prezi)
  • Learning is the Future of Math (mindmap)
  • Digital Learning Projects for Math (slides)

Conferences I attended:

  • TeamUp in El Paso, TX (January)
  • Tech Tools in Scottsdale, AZ (February)
  • ITC eLearning in Ft. Worth, TX (February)
  • Oklahoma Association of Community Colleges, Oklahoma City, OK (February)
  • TeamUp in Indianapolis, IN (March)
  • TexMATYC in Houston, TX (March)
  • ICTCM in Chicago, IL (March)
  • TeamUp in Austin, TX (March)
  • TeamUp in Orlando, FL (March)
  • MAA-Michigan in Ypsilanti, MI (May)
  • Innovations in eLearning in Fairfax, VA (June)
  • Games, Learning, and Society in Madison, WI (June)
  • World Future Society in Boston, MA (July)
  • MCC Math & Technology Workshop in Muskegon, MI (August)
  • TEDxDetroit in Detroit, MI (September)
  • Kansas City Regional Math Tech Expo in Kansas City, MO (October)
  • ETOM in Flint, MI (October)
  • TEDxFlint in Flint, MI (October)
  • Geekend 2010 in Savannah, GA (November)
  • AMATYC 2010 in Boston, MA (November)
  • MichMATYC hosted in Muskegon, MI (October)

One-day Math & Technology Workshops

  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Ft. Worth, TX
  • Seattle, WA
  • Muskegon, MI

Major Learning Areas for 2010

  • Game design
  • Learning Analytics
  • Futuring
  • Social Media
  • Data Visualizations

Publications this year

Other notable events from this year:

  • The Calculus Tweetwars (which got a mention in The Chronicle of Higher Education)
  • Several presentations featured in a Dutch book on Prezi (translated to English next)
  • Several presentations featured in the Slideshare and Prezi showcases
  • 3rd MCC Math & Technology Workshop in August 2010 at MCC with 42 participants
  • We hosted MichMATYC at MCC (and that was no small deal)
  • Launched Themed Studies program at MCC
  • We built two Math ELITEs at MCC
  • Launched The LIFT Institute at MCC (working on that website)
  • Carried out dissertation research and turned in all chapters of dissertation
  • Gold Medallion status on Delta Airlines
  • Launched this blog for my futurist and learning-related posts

I’m trying to figure out a way to pay for an assistant so that I would have more time to write (if you have any brilliant schemes, please let me know).  I will tell you that if you’re not following along on twitter, you’re missing a lot of the great resources I find.  If you haven’t taken the plunge yet … well, it IS time for New Year’s Resolutions. 🙂