Now that I’m in “sabbatical” mode, I finally have time to think about things I’ve been meaning to do for weeks months years. Many of those things relate to organization, project planning, and creativity (freeing up your mind to be creative instead of dealing with details). Here’s the first of the new additions to my “sanity protection” – a whiteboard, only not white!

I didn’t want to cover up my wooden walls (or in this case, closet doors) with large white panels, so I had some glass custom cut to fit the wood doors. They drilled holes in each corner and using a screw and two nylon washers in each corner, we hung the glass panels last night. So now I can write on my walls! Well, not all the walls, but at least that wall. For markers, I’ve got to recommend a set of TUL markers. These are really cool because they have an eraser on the tip of every marker AND they are magnetic. Although my glass is not magnetic, the file cabinet is, and it’s right next to my new glass marker board.

Last week I took a group of students to TechSmith on a field trip, and while we were there, I noticed a lot of interesting project planning systems (all of them on walls, and usually involving sticky notes). So I’ve morphed a couple of their systems into my own system – mine is for tracking where videos are in their production. Each video gets a sticky note and the note will move to track where the video is in production.