Every once in a while I produce a new list of all the great keyboard hotkeys for Windows and Mac. Here are a few of my favorites and a link to the full document: Standard Hotkey Keyboard Shortcuts

1. In case you’re one of those folks who has been copying and pasting to a text editor between sites and documents, did you know you can paste without formatting? This means losing all the behind-the-scenes HTML code, font formatting, size formatting, etc.

  • Windows: CTRL-SHIFT-V
  • Mac: CTRL-SHIFT-OPT-V (crazy combo, but I probably use it 50 times a day)

2. Do you know how to quickly select an entire sentence of a paragraph?

Triple click. Really.

3. Probably you know to use TAB to move forward through tables and elements on a form, but did you know you can tab backwards too?

Use SHIFT-TAB to move backwards.

4. Did you know you can jump to the beginning or end of a line with one keyboard command? I’ll let you guess which is which.

  • Windows: FN-RightArrow, FN-LeftArrow
  • Mac: CMD-RightArrow, CMD-LeftArrow

5. In a web browser (or other non-editors) you can page up and down rapidly using a keyboard command.

  • Windows: FN-UpArrow, FN-DownArrow
  • Mac: CMD-UpArrow, CMD-DownArrow

Again, you can find the full set here: Standard Hotkey Keyboard Shortcuts

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