I don’t have one… but I am sure considering it (and hoping that my college will buy me one)… these tablet and slate PCs (no keyboard) can be great for teaching math in a distance format. One of the AMATYC listservs has been having a lengthy discussion and one of the members gave us this link to a great article about tablet and slate PCs (thanks Jamie).

I attended a session at AMATYC on Tablet PCs given by Kristi Schmid (Columbus State Community College), and she just sent me her presentation on “The Evolution of the Chalkboard: The Tablet PC”. Here are a couple of screenshots from her presentation showing off what a tablet PC can do.

One more note, there is a pretty good rumor going on the Tech blogs that Apple has started work on a Tablet notebook of its own.

Also… coming soon, a technology review of the Wacom Bamboo auxillary tablet … under $100 in case you can’t convince your college to buy everyone (or anyone) a tablet PC.