I stumbled across this website, MathTV, which has the beginning of a collection of video examples. The site is put up by Pat McKeague, who has authored several math textbooks.

What makes it unique is that the same example is explained by multiple people, including one lesson that is spoken in Spanish.

You can currently browse the complete site for free, but as soon as they are done with programming, the subscription rate will be $5 a month. It’s a neat idea to have multiple “tutors” explain the same problem – after all, we know that students often need a problem explained to them in just the right way.

Personally, I’d add another set of videos recorded off a tablet PC, because of the incredible visual enhancement that you get from the ability to highlight parts of the problem. Here is a simple visual that demonstrates:

(it’s not as “clean” as my normal tablet visuals, but this one was created with an $80 peripheral Bamboo tablet … and so I think it’s not too bad!)