For the last three weeks, in preparation for a presentation, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Future of Working.  Not the Future of Careers per se, but the future of working and work-life – what will it be like to work in the year 2020?

So after much thinking (usually while doing mundane tasks like weeding gardens and sanding the house), discussions with other futurists, reading, and consideration of the outside pressures on the workplace and work-life, I’ve built a new presentation on the Future of Working.  I do have an audio transcript, which I hope to have my assistant transcribe soon, but for now you can get the general gist of what was discussed by clicking through the Prezi.

The illustration for this Prezi is really incredibly impressive (kudos to my illustrator, Mat Moore).  The setting is an office/industrial/agricultural complex, except the whole complex is built from computer parts.  We’ve worked together on these illustrated Prezis for years now and Mat leaves me blank spaces to incorporate the “slides” in the presentation, as you see in the image below.

Mat leaves open spaces in the illustrations for me to drop in photos and frames on the path of the presentation. Click on the image to enlarge it.

You won’t notice the incredible level of detail in this illustration until you view the zooms during the presentation. He’s really put in some incredibly tiny details like streetlights and trees.  I think I’ll have to print a poster-size version just to find all the easter egg details in this one.

Note the details like trees and street lights that Mat has drawn into the illustration. Click on the image to enlarge it.