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Check out Leah’s pics

Leah’s been doing a much better job of catching up on her blog than me. Check out her posts about Rajasthan. Mike has a blog too, with some cool photos that he took on our late-night village celebration walk. Possibly...

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Royalty at the Fort

Okay … so it’s fairly difficult to find fast Internet and you have to pay to upload every photo in some places. So, my vacation may continue on (in this blog) for several weeks after the actual vacation.Here are some...

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Out of Touch

We’ve been staying in some rural places with no Internet for several days … a fort, a palace, a tent city. Having a great time and will load more pictures in the next day or two.On a side note, I just finished...

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Red Fort in Agra

Before we went to visit “the Taj” we went to the Agra Fort. Here are some pics.While we were all staring (mesmerized) at the Taj Mahal in the distance, this monkey jumped up on the windowsill to pose with the Taj....

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The Taj

For the rest of our lives, Leah and I can now casually refer to the time we sat and chatted on a bench outside “the Taj.” It really is fabulous, but it was also about what you’d expect from one of the major...

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Dealing with Delhi

Yesterday I thought … uh oh, I’m not going to like Delhi (we got soooo hassled by beggars and people trying to get us to go to certain shops). However, today was much better and I think I’ve adjusted to dealing...

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