Now that I know I’m not going to TED, I want to go plan to go somewhere in December/January because we normally cannot travel during that time period. Since my sabbatical is January through April (really, through August since I’m not teaching next summer), I want to make sure we go somewhere that we normally don’t go because the June-August season is too hot!

If the stars all align properly: Joel can get the vacation time, we can book the frequent flyer tickets, and the space is still available on the trips we want, it looks like we might go to India – Joel for two weeks, and me possibly for four. Since you all came with on my last vacation (to eastern Europe), you might want to go check out where we may go this year and lobby for one trip over another – to do this, go to the Intrepid Travel website and do a trip search for trip codes HKS, HST, HSC, HSS, and HKR.

The only downside of this trip is that I will have to get that darned Yellow Fever shot again (I passed out the last time). Stay tuned for updates and cross your fingers that this works out!