Enough volunteers have stepped forward to allow us to go forward with a 2011 Math & Technology Workshop.  This will be the fourth year running for this workshop, which (for the record) is run entirely by volunteers.  The dates will be August 8-12, 2011.

We will only do ONE LEVEL this year, Math Technology Bootcamp, but this will free up space for more participants at this level than in previous years (45 instead of 27).  I’m announcing this now so that you can a) clear your schedule, b) clear your funding, and c) fight with your colleagues over who gets to go.  We will open registration for the conference on Wednesday, November 10, 2011 at Noon EDT.

Only one participant per college may register in the first round.  Last year, Math Technology Bootcamp booked up (with a waiting list) in 8 days.

The costs (based on last year) are $150 registration, $65 per night for lodging (at conference hotel), and your standard food and travel expenses.

Comments from the 2010 Workshop:

The MCC Math and Tech Bootcamp is an outstanding week in which you gain a huge amount of knowledge in relation to math and technology. The cost of $150 is minimal in the amount of information presented/given to you at the workshop. It is a MUST DO workshop!

It is by far the best workshop out there. You cannot get better value anywhere. You really are “immersed” in the technology, and shown directly how it is related to math.

It was the longest (in terms of duration) workshop I have ever attended. But, it was the most interesting, educational, inspiring, and most helpful. By trying as you learn about technology, is the best way to gain familiarity.

Get on the technology school bus. This training is very crucial to the changing classroom. It was the BEST of any training, well worth all time and cost. Don’t be the one who gets on at the last stop.

I did not get funding for this workshop — but it was by far the best workshop I’ve attended. It was well worth my investment in money, time and travel.

This workshop has given me tools that I can see myself using every day to enhance the understanding of my students.

No other workshop brings you in contact with so many different ways of presenting material using technology, and gives you the opportunity to practice what you learn. Apart from that, the free software is definitely a added bonus, and the close contact with colleagues from around the country (and the world) allows for a lot of exchange of ideas.

This workshop provided so much food for thought that I’ll be feasting for months. The campus, the scenery, the camaraderie – it’s all amazing. But the ideas, the new knowledge – and the organization of it all – was priceless.

Again, the website (with all the details) is here: 2011 MCC Math & Technology Workshop.