I gave this presentation for the first time in January (was it really only January? Wow! How time flies!). This is part of my Wednesday workshop here at DTL, and I spent almost the entire day yesterday updating the mindweb to include more recent developments in Web 2.0 for education.

Click here to play with Web 2.0 for You! mindweb.

This is a very different kind of presentation in that there is no deck of PP slides to watch. Whenever I can give a presentation to a group that has computers, I change the format to be a mindmap (or, when they are on the Internet, I like to call them mindwebs). I find that this makes the whole presentation more interactive and engaging. Participants know that they can go back, with more time, and explore all the links – taking the time to make careful bookmarks and notes. During the presentation, I discuss some of the ways I’ve seen the technology in use in educations, the pros and cons, etc. We go through the presentation in whatever order suits the group, and we rarely get to talking about all the topics.

The mindweb presentations do not work as well for a group that does not have computers sitting in front of them. The text can be a bit too small to read, and if you want to make a real impact, you can do a better job with a really well-designed slide deck (see Presentation Zen).