I am trying a modified presentation format that lets you jump around a PowerPoint presentation. I am hoping to solve two problems with this format.

  1. I want the ability to jump to a topic easily if it comes up from a question (like I can do in my mindmaps). In other words, I want to be able to present the topics in whatever order I feel like during the presentation.
  2. I want the ability, at the end of a presentation, to re-access slides easily as questions are asked.

Why am I using this format instead of a mindmap? I have tried to use mindmaps to present with a group that does not have computers, and it is not as effective. When I’m speaking to a “captive” audience, I want to do more of a presentation … but I don’t want to be forced to do it linearly. So here is my little experiment. It doesn’t look like much, but remember … it’s a TEMPLATE. I tried it out on AuthorStream, just to make sure that it would work okay for sharing finished presentations … and it does!

Uploaded on authorSTREAM by wyandersen

You can downloadthe template by clicking here and play with it yourself. It allows for nine topics, with nine slides each. Each button is color-coded to the nine slides that it loops to. The easiest way to understand the presentation format is just to run the slideshow and interact with it.

You should be able to modify the PowerPoint file to serve your own purposes. Here’s how: each loop of nine slides is activated by a button on the home menu. The first and last slide in each loop is unique, so if you want to add slides to the loop, then duplicate the second slide and insert it till you have enough slides. Likewise, if you need to delete slides, remove any slides #2 through #8 in the loop. The last slide in every loop has the word “Last” in case you want to jump back to the home presentation screen, otherwise, the slideshow will continue on to the next module (another color).