I’ve found it’s best to treat ChatGPT like you’ve been given the gift of a new T.A. that helps you with ALL your classes.

Your new assistant is a 3rd or 4th year book-smart college education student who is a great self-starter and a little overconfident. They get tasks done super quick, but you have to coach them on how to do better and they do make mistakes here and there. They understand educational theory and have read all the textbooks, but don’t have a lot of practical classroom experience (luckily you do).

If you work with them, tell them what you liked, and send them back to redo things they didn’t get right, they improve and learn.

If you see that they made a mistake and fire them, you just lost your opportunity to have a really valuable assistant.

At this point, if you’ve heard about ChatGPT but have STILL not tried it, you might need to see it for yourself. So here’s a video to help you get started.

Direct YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_z4GQjGO7k&t=1s

Here are just a few of the things I’ve gotten ChatGPT to do that would be helpful activities for a teacher or instructor:

  • Get the transcript from a YouTube video and reformat to be proper text.
  • Create graphic organizers
  • Write skits for class on a particular topic
  • Change the reading level of a text
  • Generate math word problems for a particular interest (like Minecraft)
  • Create vocabulary lists from a source
  • Create reading passages on a topic
  • Create dialogues for students to practice on a topic or event
  • Create matching activities for a source
  • Create Kahoot questions for a source
  • Sort information into tables
  • Write poems or songs about a learning topic
  • Grade and give feedback on short essay questions
  • Create guided discussion questions
  • Create guided notes for a source
  • Write a story to teach a lesson
Image of a prompt and response in ChatGPT. The prompt is in the caption.

Prompt: Find the 15 most difficult vocabulary words in the previous text and make a matching activity (worksheet) for 6th grade students where they match up the vocabulary words and the definitions. Please write the definitions at a 6th grade reading level.