Someone at the conference asked me how to get ahold of this resource. This is my reference guide to doing math on text-based message boards. The first page is all about doing algebra on message boards. The second page includes calculus.

Certainly, I have not thought of everything and I welcome suggestions for improvement on this one. Comment or email and I will continue to modify and repost this file. I am a little bit nervous, actually, about the ones involving less-than or greater-than symbols, since those are in standard html tags. Anyone got any alternative suggestions for those?

With any luck we will only have to use it for a little while longer (I suspect that the next great innovation in message boards will be to have decent and easy-to-use math editors). However, for now, it helps if all the students (and you) use the same notations on the message boards.

Just a little ironic note… this was the first post I created for this blog, but I never got around to adding the file link, so I never posted the entry. So, somehow, the first post became the 68th post.