This is from a group called Common Craft. It explains how to begin taking advantage of RSS feeds to manage all your blog reading.


I’ll confess, I’ve started using Google Reader to manage my blog reading. If I think I might like a blog, I add it to my reader.


Now, a very important tip … you can quickly rack up way too many blogs to possibly read. But remember, it’s not like the newspaper, where, whether you like it or not, the columnist is going to continue publishing the column in your paper. If you don’t like a blog after you’ve added it to your reader, then DELETE IT. I think of my blog reader as a customizable newspaper.


I never thought I’d abandon printed material, but I admit I actually carry my coffee and breakfast upstairs and read through blogs in the morning (I used to read the previous-day’s paper as we have no morning delivery). Now the newspaper is relegated to dinner, and Google reader gets the morning slot.