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Calculus Songs!

Don’t ask me how I find this stuff… but it sure is fun to discover what’s out there!Here are 17 songs for Calculus (compiled by Lois Goldstein).I’m thinking we may have to go Calculus caroling in...

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Way Cool Biology Animations

Today I want to be a biologist!  Wait… technically I am a biologist (at least by one degree)… Follow this link to watch the movie and read about the collaboration between Harvard University and XVIVO that created the...

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PC Ctrl+… Shortcuts

Okay, this is a PC’s 101 post… if you don’t know these, you should! They are very helpful.Ctrl+z: UNDO … in most PC programs this will undo your last step(s)Ctrl+x: CUTCtrl+c: COPYCtrl+v: PASTECtrl+b:...

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