So, you’re probably thinking… what the heck has Maria been doing the last few days? There’s been no blog post since Friday! That’s unheard of.

Well, I now know it takes approximately four 16-hour days of labor to deliver the final edited copy of 1052 pages of camera-ready manuscript and files.

Oh… and two math assistants (thanks Meg & Jill), one accuracy checker (thanks Maryanne), one proofreader (thanks Alan), one editorial assistant in CA (thanks Laura), one person with vision (thanks Charlie), one final-copy editor (thanks Audra), and one patient husband (thanks Joel).

I actually did weigh it: 11.1 pounds (okay, I know that’s not 11 pounds 1 oz, but that was for dramatic effect). Want to know what 1052 pages looks like before it goes to print? Here you go.

A dissertation doesn’t sound so bad anymore.