First, you have to become a believer that MathType is not just another clunky equation editor.  I can type this document with MathType in under 5 minutes.  Don’t believe me?  Watch it here.

Believe me now?  Okay, then here are the tutorials.

Creating the Ctrl-E Hotkey for Word 2003 (for easily opening & closing equations)

Creating the Ctrl-E Hotkey for Word 2007

Nudging Equations and Number Lines (nudging is one of my favorite things)

Lewis Dot Diagrams (Bob’s Version and my version)

Quickly accessing Zoom, Colors, and Styles (also help with making the buttons bigger)

For the record, the videos that follow are not high-quality productions.  They were actually the first Camtasia videos I ever made and many were recorded live during a presentation.  I never intended to put them on the web. Nevertheless, you might find them useful if you’re one of the thousands of folks who has never really been trained how to use MathType.

Using Hotkeys Part 1 and Part 2

Formatting Equations and Alignment (like aligning at the = sign or vertically with a line of text)

Tables and Formatting (tables are really matrices, so consider this a matrix tutorial too)

Formatting All the Equations in a Document (you know, for when you need all the equations to be in a different size or font … that’s right, you don’t have to edit them one by one)

If you are interested in ADA compliant math documents, check out the information about MathDAISY and Bob’s video in this post.