(sing to the tune of How do you solve a problem like Maria?)

It climbs my screen and takes a place
on top of all the rest
Its usefulness is unsurpassed
Simplicity the best
And when you click the Capture
You will be most impressed
It makes a copy of everything you see.

When I began to contemplate
a Calculus online
I shuddered when I thought
of how to share the screen that’s mine
Everyone kept saying
Math can’t be done online
But then Techsmith released a litte project…

How do you write your math in online classes?
How do you share that graph that’s on your screen?
How do you answer questions in your classes?
The handwritten work! The embedding code! My Jing!

Many unanswered questions can be answered.
Many a solved equation can be shared.
Difficult visual concepts can be loaded
to the Internet with a
Simple URL.

Oh, how do you write your math in online classes?
You share what’s on your desktop using Jing.

Today I made several videos to help my students begin using Jing to share their math questions on the message boards in my summer online calculus classes.

Jing with MathType
Jing with WZ Grapher
Jing with Wolfram Demonstrations
Jing with Handwritten Work