Future Proof Your Education

We live in an age where students can expect to have 5 to 7 different careers over their working life and technology proliferates at a pace faster than anyone can keep up. The most important skill you can learn in college is to learn how to learn. The ability to learn deeply, think creatively, and quickly retrieve past learning will make you employable for a lifetime, regardless of how jobs shift.  Learn techniques that will help you to harness technology to streamline and enhance your own learning and to track and show off the development of your skills. If you’re worried about finding employment at the end of your education, then you need to future-proof your skills starting on Day One!

There’s More to the Web than Facebook

If you think the Internet is for playing games, catching up with friends, and downloading music and videos, you’re right! But there’s a lot more out there that you could be using to help you with your education.  Use Mindmaps to organize a research topic for that long paper.  Find another lecture or a tutorial on a topic you’re having trouble with.  Meet with a group online to discuss a group project.  Write a paper with a group without emailing it back and forth.  Watch some of the most mindblowing video clips on cutting-edge research. Facebook IS great, but there are other Internet applications you should check out too!