This is a case with so many ethical issues. It’s hard to know even where to begin. As you listen and read, make a list of every ethical issue you can think of related to the case.

Learn about Self-Driving Cars

How Self-Driving Cars Will Transform Our Lives | Jeff Schneider (May 19, 2017)

The Social Dilemma of Driverless Cars | Iyad Rahwan (Nov 28, 2016)

The Moral Machine

Go to The Moral Machine website. Scroll down the page to “Start Judging” and complete the judging exercise. It is very important to open up the descriptions for each of the two scenarios! 

When you are finished, write a paragraph reflecting on the experience and how your judgements might have changed as you progressed through the experiment. You’ll be submitting this paragraph as part of your quiz.

In the News

Waymo is bringing its self-driving trucks back to Arizona | Tech Crunch (5-29-2019)
Self-driving trucks begin mail delivery test for U.S. Postal Service | Reuters (5-21-2019)
Elon musk promises a really truly self-driving Tesla in 2020 | Wired (2-19-19)