In the past few years, there have been a number of cases where pharmaceutical companies have engaged in questionable ethical practices. Watch the videos below and be prepared to make a case (affirmative or negative) for the following statement:

Claim: Pharmaceutical companies primary responsibility is to return value to their shareholders. They should therefore charge as much as they are able to get out of the market for a drug they have developed or purchased.

Generic Drug Companies and Price Fixing

Sweeping lawsuit accuses top generic drug companies, executives of fixing prices 

There are two segments of the 60 Minutes show to watch (we can’t link directly to them, but you can scroll to them)

  • The Price of Generics: Generic drug makers accused of price fixing (15 min)
  • The Rockford File: The problem with prescription drug prices (15 min)

Rising Price of Insulin
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Turing Pharmaceuticals and Daraprim
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Martin Shkreli weighs in on the rising costs of EpiPens, fraud charges

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Mylan Pharmaceuticals and Epipens
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Mylan CEO on EpiPen price hike and fixing the system

Mylan CEO: EpiPen $608 Price Was ‘Fair’