The Citizens United Supreme Court case is a very complex issue involving multiple stakeholders. The result of Citizens United case has been, undisputedly, more money flowing into politics. However, money in politics can be regulated by new laws passed by congress. You may find the reasoning behind the decision in Citizens United to be sound, even if you disagree with the consequences.

Be able to describe the basics of the Citizens United case

  • Why did the plaintiffs think they had a case?
  • What was the reasoning of the final decision?
  • What was the reasoning of the dissenting side?

Be able to discuss whether you agree with the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United and why.

More Perfect Podcast: Citizens United

Visit the website More Perfect: Citizens United if you’d like to listen to the podcast from the site, download the podcast, access the links that are mentioned, or read the transcript.

Warning: There is some mild language in this podcast – you may not want to listen in front of children.

Two Views

What follows are an explanation of the impact of Citizens United from Story of Stuff and a critique of this video. This is useful as an example of the kinds of arguments that are being made on both sides of the issue.

The Story of Citizens United v. FEC

Story of Citizens United v. FEC, The Critique ‌‌ – Lee Doren