Now that I’m leaving in approximately 3 days (yikes!) it has occurred to me that I might want to re-read where I am going. You have to understand that I researched and booked this trip more than six months ago, and so I am a little fuzzy on the details. I did double-check my booking today to make sure I didn’t somehow screw up the flight dates or trip dates.
I had meant to do lots of reading about where I’m going (I’ve got the Lonely Planet guide to Central Europe)… but… well, things just got busy!
I’m traveling with a group called Intrepid Travel, going on the “Central Europe Encompassed” tour. If you would like to join me in re-reading about my trip, you can go here to view the trip notes (a fairly detailed itinerary of the trip). My husband and I used Intrepid Travel for our trip to Turkey last year and it was a wonderful trip – with just the right balance of them planning the logistics and you getting quite a bit of free time to yourselves when you get to where you’re going.
I should (airlines willing) arrive in Vienna on Thursday, June 28th, and I will have a few days to wander around Vienna before joining the group on Saturday. I have to spend 8 hours on a layover in the Manchester Airport, so I am bringing lots of disposable reading material with me (a stack of consisting of the Chronicle of Higher Ed, Oprah magazine, Discover magazine, and Time magazine). I would take Wired magazines with me too, but I can never bring myself to throw those away.

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