One of my assistants (Meg) was in a desperate panic today because her Ctrl-E command for MathType stopped working yesterday (and we are in the middle of a little project). Funny, because Jill (another assistant) got the MT Extra font error yesterday and it was driving her nuts.

Back to Meg’s story. To add insult to injury, her MathType toolbar was also (suddenly) gone. Falling back to old habits, she went looking in the Insert menu (on the object list) and sure enough, no MathType there either.

Okay, she thought … I’ll reinstall MathType. Nothing. What threw her over the edge was that Office kept telling her to reinstall the equation editor – which meant finding the CD – and she thought … this is silly, why the equation editor?

As it turns out, that is EXACTLY what you should do. If Office asks you to reinstall the equation editor, then do it. Now, clicking on the equation editor button will now open MathType and the Ctrl-E command works again. Yay!

Unfortunately, there is now a new problem (caused by Microsoft’s Equation Editor): the installation of the old equation editor has installed older fonts over the newer ones provided by MathType, so now you get a font error (which you can fix by following these directions).

Finally, the MathType Toolbar was still gone. Here’s how to fix that.

First go to the Tools menu, and choose Templates and Add-Ins

Under the Templates tab, you will see a check box line for “MathType Commands …” Check the box. Click on Okay.

What causes these “sudden” problems? My best guess is that each of them installed an update to Office (Meg’s on XP, Jill’s on Vista) and the updates interfered with or blocked the macro-nature of MathType. I’ve had similar things happen to me immediately following an update to Office or Windows.

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