Mostly this is scenic pictures of Chesky Krumlov, but also one funny story.At 3:58pm, me and two of my fellow travelers (Tom and Jan) wanted to go on a guided tour of the Castle. You can ONLY go in the castle on a guided tour. We had to meet the rest of our group at the
bottom of the hill in front of our hotel at 5pm. Of course, the only English tour (tours lasted 60 minutes)
was at 4:30. So then we tried for a tour in German… sold out. So then we asked for ANY tour at 4pm and landed ourselves on a tour in Czech.

Actually it turned out quite well, because the guide took pity on us and gave us an English text describing all the rooms and… the tour was 60 czech crowns cheaper to do it in Czech. It was well worth it, especially the last room which was entirely frescoed with masked characters and made to look like an outdoor town square.

Here’s Tom (from Great Britain) in the castle tower.

And here’s me with the town of Chesky Krumlov behind me.

Bye for now.

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