So, I went to see the ballet in the Vienna Opera House last night. I think I mentioned that 100 euros seemed like a bit much for a ticket, but I discovered that if you stand in line before the concert, you can get a “Stehplatzkasse” a ticket for a standing place at the opera. And it is a slightly discounted price of 2 euros.

So that’s at least one hour of standing to get the ticket and wait for the start of the opera, plus another 2 hours to see the show. Now I know that Jenny and Chris would never pay more than 2 euros if they knew that the standing room tickets existed, but I think I would’ve paid something between 2 and 30 euros for the priveledge of a guaranteed seat.

I mentioned that it was the Ballet. What we could see was very nice. The ballet (to us) was “Romeo and…” well, we couldn’t ever see who Romeo was with. It turns out that the ballerina was always on the left side of the stage and we could only see the right side of the stage. That was a bit of a bummer. For those that will go to Vienna in the future, make sure to go right upstairs to the “standing area” after receiving your tickets and stake out a location. We dawdled looking at the building and that seemed to be a rather large mistake. So when I said I would paz between 2 and 30 euros, I would prefer one that has a view of 100% of the stage too.

But for 2 euros, we got to see the inside of the Vienna Opera House, there was nice music, and surely we burned some calories by standing for so long!

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