When I stood at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial two weeks ago, I felt like a child who is being smiled at by a parent. Lincoln must surely be smiling on how far this country has come. I’ve been all over the country recently (DC, Louisiana, Illinois) and it feels less racially charged than it used to – like years of built-up tension has been slowly leaking out over the last six months. That’s not to say there isn’t some serious hate still floating around, but it doesn’t seem as pervasive – at least, not where I’ve been.

Maybe this election will heal us. Maybe we can finally face the future together as one people (a people with some serious problems that we need to find common ground on). Maybe we can elect a president who can deliver a reassuring speech when it is needed and who can think rationally about the issues. I find myself pausing several times a day to send up a little prayer that we can finally put the past in the past and look towards the future. I find myself praying that by Wednesday, it is over with a clear margin of victory. We have got to stop talking and thinking about the future and start actually doing.

But for now, we all collectively hold our breath and wait for the votes to be counted.

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