New Year’s came and went. For the last two years we’ve gone to the same party at a friend’s house. Last year we tried a Wii for the first time (bravely bowling and playing tennis and feeling generally like idiots).

This year, at the same party, we tried out Guitar Hero II (a PlayStation 2 game) and I’m a little bit embarassed to say that we really liked it. We may have to wait for some special weekend and rent a PlayStation and one of the Guitar Hero games. If you manage to play an entire song reasonably well, you get a big “You Rock!” at the end of the song. If you do a really bad job, you get booed off the stage. We both managed to get up to one medium-level difficulty song and get a “You Rock!” (Joel played War Pigs, by Black Sabbath and I played Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses).

Here is someone on YouTube playing Sweet Child O’Mine on an expert level:

This last fall, some of my calculus students were eagerly awaiting the release of Guitar Hero III and I’ll admit that at the time, I really didn’t know what it was. However, they confidently asked me what my scores were, just assuming that I was automatically trying out the latest new video game. I was humbly honored that they thought I was I was that hip!

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