First, the more scenic scenes from Pondicherry … starting with the beach:

The Ghandi Memorial on the beach:

And the great breakfast (with proper lattes) that we had at a restaurant on the beach.

The scenic park in Pondicherry (but not for tourists apparently):

And across the street is some kind of government building (I forget what for):

In every town now, we visit a Hindu temple.

There was an elephant outside of this one, wearing the largest silver ankle bracelets I have ever seen (maybe they will have one in my size somewhere).

The people visiting the temple often offer flowers, coconuts, and fruits as offerings.

And after your temple visit, you can purchase an appropriate reminder of your visit:

Everywhere we go in India, we see rows and rows and rows of motorbikes parked.

BTT (before tuk-tuks):

In addition to colorful buses, we also see decorated trucks – including the mudflaps!

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