The VYEW booth here at DTL is somewhat understated and simple. A banner, a table, and one computer with an extended desktop. But anyone who is here should stop by the booth and ask for a demonstration.

I have never seen a general LMS that does math, and does math well, right out of the gate. Two years ago, I sat through a demo from Blackboard, Angel, and WebCT and grilled them all about the math capability of their software – it all sucked.VYEW built their LMS (which is absolutely, stunningly, amazing even without the math) with a graphing calculator AND an equation editor AND a tablet.

You (or students) can take a screenshot of anything and begin a synchronous conversation (or asynchronous conversation) about anything. Everything I have ever wished for, this software does (not kidding). And then add the fact that they considered building in the math (their programmers are all engineers, go figure), and it was like a math technology orgasm! I spent an hour at this booth asking questions and exploring the interface. If you’re going to go investigate any one thing this week – it should be VYEW.

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