I’ve decided to try to carpool twice a week, but AT LEAST once a week. For an academic, carpooling is weird because we rarely work 8am-5pm and it’s hard to find someone else with a compatible schedule. So, I’ve started adjusting one or two days a week to fit a “normal” schedule and I’ve been carpooling with either Joel or my friend Sally. This means that JOEL is also having to carpool one day a week (I’ve been giving him a hard time about his lack of carpooling for years now).

Also, our grocery store just started selling 99-cent reusable grocery bags. So here’s a picture of my first day of using reusable bags. I’ve got to say that I already like this change better – the new bags do not fall over in the car because they have square bottoms. They are also REALLY strong and they have special pull out compartments for things like milk (or wine) to keep them from falling over in the bag.

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