This is like an “Ode to Chris” blog as I am just making lists tonight.

1) McDonalds will always give you change no matter how ridiculously large the bill you have is and how little you have ordered.

2) There are always reasonably clean bathrooms.

3) It is a good well-lit place to duck into if you are being followed late at night by questionable people. (I have not used it for this purpose myself, but I can see how it might be good for that)

4) Some McDonalds in Europe have cheap Internet.

5) If you have been waiting at a restaurant for 30 minutes and have not even been given a menu, and are starving after a very long hot train ride, you can get your food in under 5 minutes. (sorry to any Intrepid leaders who might be reading this, sometimes hunger wins over local eating)

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