Okay, maybe this is a bit disrespectful of the holy day of Christmas, but my true miracle of Christmas is that my home office is cleaned up, sorted, put away, and otherwise disgustingly cleaned up. I felt so disorganized last semester because my office was pretty much in this state for 5 months, which meant I could never find anything.

Anyone who has visited my office recently and saw me literally WADING through an inch of papers on the floor has an appreciatiation of the immensity of this Christmas miracle.

The miraclulous clean office event could not have happened without a second miracle. I asked Joel to build me shelves in the closet and he complied… (that’s not the miracle… wait for it)… he built them within 24 hours of my asking him to do it!

And then he spent two hours with me sorting and filing all the miscellaneous bills, statements, and papers that we have gotten in the mail in the last year. Yes, we’ve let them stack up for a YEAR (that was part of the paper-on-the-floor problem).

So, finally armed with some empty shelves, and all the to-be-filed items off the floor, I was able to clean up my office mess. I even LABELED THE BINDERS!!! (well, some of them)

Okay, I confess, there’s still one box – the “I don’t know what to with the rest of this stuff” box. But I vow to polish that one off too in the next few days.

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