Vienna is definitely a city full of music. From street musicians, the names of streets, the statues, and the concerts, music is everywhere (even the Lippizaner stallions morning exercises were set to the music of famous classica composers from Vienna).

Here I a with one a statue of Mozart (and Jan, from my Intrepid group). I loved the treble cleff done in flowers – Joel, can we do that in weeds in our backyard?

Also, I stopped at the Mozart House museum yesterday (an apartment in Vienna where Mozart lived for 2 years, his most productive composing time).

In the evening, my concert-going kharma seemed to balance out, as I chose to attend the Salonorchestra concert (and 5 of my group members tagged along), and even though we bought the cheapest seats, we were seated in the 3rd row. The concert included many pieces from Vienna composers, the chamber orchestra was excellent and played without the aide of a conductor. There were opera pieces, waltzes (complete with dancers) and… I did get to hear Eine Kleine Nachtmusik performed in Vienna (which was the only one I can play myself).

We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I would highly recommend this performance to anyone else visiting Vienna. Some of the concerts that were being advertised looked pretty hokey. I am glad this concert turned out well, as everyone else was going based on my choice (I being the only one who played a classical instrument). We could see the expressions on the singer’s faces and see the lead violinist conduct the group with head and bow movements.

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