I have a three day (two night) break between conferences and I needed a place to work on my presentations for the second conference. In case you’re going to tell me – yes I know, I have too much to do – I’m working on that! Remember the sabbatical next year? I’m taking 8 months off. So there!

Just like I had no idea about the size of Lake Michigan before I saw it in person, I also had no idea about the size of the UW campus. It must take 30 minutes to walk from one end of campus to the other!

Okay, I know one of the UW colors is red, but why, out of all the buildings, are the doors to the Education Building painted red? There are no red accents anywhere on the rest of the building.

I holed up in a borrowed office for the entire day, poached a 2nd monitor to work with, and got one of my presentations built (after a minor mishap … which is actually a bit of an understatement). I’m not sure Starbucks really would’ve let me sit there for 12 hours, so I was glad to have the office accomodations!

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