Everyone rapidly shifted from teaching face-to-face to teaching remotely or online almost overnight in the Spring term. With such an unexpected turn of events, hasty and subpar redesign can and should be forgiven by students and institutions. However, moving into the summer, and especially the fall, you owe it to your students and yourselves to be ready.

If you’re trying to take your STEM (or other technical subject) online, there are certainly many free resources out there to learn from. But not everyone has the motivation to learn by themselves – think about it, if everyone could do this, why would colleges and universities even exist? And not everyone finds it easy to sit down and work on a class you won’t teach for a couple of months. However, if you need to redesign more than one class for the fall term, and you haven’t started, you probably need to.

If you haven’t found the “inspiration” to sit down and level up in your knowledge of digital pedagogies, let me make it easy for you.

We’re starting the third cohort of Taking STEM Online this Saturday June 13, and there are a few seats left. We do limit the number of participants in each cohort so that everyone can get personal attention in the four weeks of follow-up.

We start with a full day workshop of five sessions on Saturday (with breaks between sessions). This is to give you a jump start to begin reframing curriculum design, learning activities, active learning, assessments, synchronous session, academic integrity issues, coaching students, accessibility for the digital environment, improving equity, and more. In one day, you can see the whole picture of what needs to be done and how you might begin to go about doing what suites you and the classes you teach.

This is followed by four weeks where you can ask all your questions in a slack channel as you begin working on redesigning your fall (or summer) courses. You’ll be able to bounce ideas off each other and I’ll provide help and resources throughout. Each week, we do a virtual 1-hour zoom session where I’ll cover whatever you ask me to (within my expertise).

There will only be one more cohort open to individual registrants (in July) that will completely finish before the fall term starts back up. We expect that cohort to completely fill up.

Taking the time to spend on your own professional development is an investment in your mental well being as much as it is for your student outcomes. It’s important to feel confident in your own skills, excited about how to teach and assess effectively, and to learn how to actually connect with students online the same way you connect with them in the face-to-face classroom.

It’s been delightful to work with the faculty attendees of the April and May cohorts. The challenges we face in moving and flexing seamlessly between F2F, remote, hybrid, and online are fascinating but not impossible.

If you need this, just sign up and DO this! Register here: Taking STEM Online

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