Emily has “tagged” us all to reveal seven interesting things about ourself.


  • I worked for an advertising & design agency for two years in high school.
  • I had radioactive feet for a little while in college after a lab accident in a biotech lab where I worked for the summer.
  • I have flown a small airplane (and landed it successfully … obviously).
  • When I was single and in college (before I met Joel), I watched a guy come down from the “M” path in Missoula and thought to myself… he’s cute. I’m going meet that guy and we’re going to go out… and I did.
  • I was a cashier for a while at a grocery store in Montana during college. I worked graveyard shift on the weekends and they wouldn’t let me read when there was nothing to do. That was a problem.
  • In high school I had a variety of hair colors, including pink, blue streaks, and purple (but not at the same time).
  • I want to be featured in Wired magazine someday and get invited to speak at the TED conference in Monteray, CA … and I actually have a plan that might get me there one day.


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