These tips were passed on to me by Fred Feldon at Coastline Community College. They couldn’t be more timely, as I am now in the process of figuring out how to use a tablet PC. These videos can also be found on YouTube.

First, from Jim Vanides’ blog, Worldwide Higher Ed Philanthropy:

Tablet PC Tip #1: Annotating PowerPoint
Tablet PC Tip #2: MS Journal: Better Than PowerPoint
Tablet PC Tip #3: Ink Markups in MS Word
Tablet PC Tip #4: Record Sound and Ink in Synch with MS OneNote
Tablet PC Tip #5: Record with Camtasia

Second, from the Icon Pareto website:

Tablet PC Introduction: Convertible vs. Slate
Tablet PC Tutorial Part 1: Handwriting Tool
Tablet PC Tutorial Part 2: Ink Annotation (Word, Outlook, E-Mail, Scanned Documents)
Tablet PC Tutorial Part 3: Tablet Specific Programs (Journal, OneNote, Sticky Note)
Tablet PC Tutorial Part 4: Snipping Tool

P.S. Word to the wise. If you get a new tablet PC, immediately tether the pen to the computer. You can guess why.

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