We took a train from Budapest to Novi Sad today. The temperature in the train reached around 40 degrees Celsius and we had to sit at the border for approximately 45 minutes while passports were checked. We did make some interesting discoveries.

1) If your feet smell, and it is bothering your fellow passengers, do not use Handi-wipes to clean them as it will only make your feet smell like a dirty toilet (thanks to Max for helping us learn this handy tip).

2) Always check your train for a dining car. There was one air conditioned dining car at the very back of the train.

3) If you have a jar of completely liquid peanut butter, make an indentation in your bread and pour in the peanut butter (no need for a knife – thanks Emma for this excellent insight).

4) When eating completely melted chocalate bars (well, licking them out of the wrapper) make sure to have a Handi-wipe for the inevitable – chocolate on your nose and chin.

The train ride was from 1:30-7:30pm. We are now in Novi Sad and the Exit Festival is in town for one more night (tonight). This is a southern European “Woodstock” with approximately 500,000 people and 25 stages of music.

I am at an Internet cafe with no USB ports. I am surrounded by children, teenagers, and young men who are playing Internet games like World of Warcraft.

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