1) I gave two presentations to the faculty on my campus today and both were well-attended and REALLY fun (I hope the participants felt the same way).

2) I am in San Diego Tonight and I have an awsome view of the marina and city from my room on the 30th floor of the Manchester Hyatt.

3) I got to take a long guilt-free nap on an airplane and for some reason, the seat I was in had an extra 8 inches of leg room.

4) Barack Obama won in Iowa!!! I’ve been contributing to his campaign since the day he announced his candidacy and after I landed in San Diego, I checked the Internet from my phone to see the Iowa Caucus results. I left the plane grinning the biggest smile of the day. If you’ve never seen anything but the news clips, I would ask that, as a favor to me, you just watch one speech, the speech that Obama gave tonight. It will give you goosebumps.

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