Today was our review day for the Integration Techniques test (including all sorts of great stuff like u-substitutions, partial fractions, long division, integration by parts, etc.).

On “Review Day” we look at problems that look similar, but involve completely different techniques. Each “set” of problems consists of 4 problems, and students work in teams to try to solve the problems. After each set, we would regroup as a class and see how each group did.

For the second set of comparison problems, one student from each group recorded their solution (sometimes with the other students “helping” in the background) using my tablet and Camtasia recorder. During this recording time, the rest of the students continued to work on the next set of comparison problems, taking turns with their “recording time.” Why? Well, for the online students, of course.

While everyone had comments on how strange it was to wear a headset and talk to people they couldn’t see, everyone enjoyed the experience enough to want to share the videos with all of you (my blog readers). A couple students would’ve done a 2nd take if they’d been given the chance, but we didn’t have time. Thanks to my on-campus calc class (David, Brett, Stephen, Bre, Ashley, Xiao, Cameron, Daniel, Fletcher, and Cayla) for being such great sports!

Here are the four problems in this set of Tricky Comparison Integrals…

The Three Stooges present Problem #5

Team Gatorade presents Problem #6

Team Concept presents Problem #7 (they really drew the short straw getting the PFE problem)

Space Gnomes presents Problem #8

We have such a good time in class – working problems on the board, recording videos, having comptetitions, interacting online, … I think we can truly call it a learning experience for all of us.

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