And in the end, it was the dissertation. I was planning to focus my dissertation research around the workshop on Math & Technology that we’re holding on campus in May. But that meant that I would have to be able to begin the research in April, which meant I’d have to be done with the dissertation proposal in mid-March (which is also my textbook deadline for the 2nd book).

My advisor wisely suggested that perhaps I really was trying to do the impossible. Normally, everyone else thinks that there’s no possible way that I can get everything done, and I just know that I can. However, this time, I had already begun to suspect that I was in over my head.

So, my dissertation research will be in the same topic area (faculty development, STEM, change, and instructional technology), but now I’ll focus the research elsewhere (somewhere without the time crunch).

Let’s summarize the weeks events: Updated the CV (like a resume, only for academia), got in a quartet practice, cranked out 225 pages of text, submitted five presentation proposals for fall conferences (all due this week), met with sabbatical committee about a possible sabbatical in Winter 2009, finalized MCC Math & Technology Workshop registration forms, taught my classes, read 8 papers, tracked down a stack of 4 inches of reading materials for my dissertation, attended the film festival kickoff (Joel’s on the board), bought plane tickets for NYC (April), spent all day Saturday in class in Grand Rapids, …

How busy was this week? Well, when I got home from class on Saturday at 4:30pm, I crawled under the covers and crashed for 10 hours – unheard of for me!

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