Prague is supposed to be the most beautiful city in the world. I spent quite a bit of time yesterday walking around and taking pictures.

Here is the family from California (Max and his mom Karen, Emma and her mom Lisa).

At the top of the Prague Castle is a fantastic cathedral. This picture really doesn’t do it justice as I had to pull out the film camera with the extra wide angle lens to even get the a picture that included the full height of the cathedral.

At 6:59 last night I was walking across the Letenska bridge (next to the famous Charles Bridge) and I saw an advertisement for a 7pm concert that looked quite good. So I decided to go at the last minute. It was a chamber music group (the Parnas Ensemble) and the program was fantastic:
Mozart Divertimento in F
Vivaldi Four Seasons selection
Pachelbel Canon
Mozart A Little Night Music (the whole thing)
Bach Air
Dvorak Prague Waltz
Dvorak Slavonic Dance Nr. 8
Dvorak Humoresque
Bizet Suite from Carmen
Brahms Hungarian Dance Nr. 5
Encore: L. Anderson “Plink Plank Plunk” which was entirely pizzacato

Several of these pieces had wonderful viola solos and I thouroughly enjoyed myself.

After the concert, I had the luck to see a beautiful rainbow over one of the cathedrals in the main square of Prague.

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