Meg (a former student of mine, now in a PhD program in math) is taking complex analysis this semester, and she told me tonight that she can tell there’s some really cool stuff you can do in complex analysis, but she’s having trouble visualizing life in the non-reals. So, Meg, this collection is for you!

First, from the Visual Complex Analysis website (a great book by Tristan Needham that got me more interested in complex analysis seven years ago), here’s a collection of many other websites with graphers, videos, etc. related to visual complex analysis. You’ve got to check out the videos on Doug Arnold’s website and the cool graphics on Hans Lundmark’s Complex Analysis website.

Surprisingly, I didn’t see the great video that I blogged about last year on Mobius Transformations (by Arnold and Rogness) linked to on any of these sites. Either I’m tired, or they don’t link to it. (an image from the video is below)

Then, from the Mathworks website (they make MatLab) some demo graphics of Functions of Complex Variables.

And from John H. Mathews website, the Complex Analysis Project, there are links to Mathematica Notebooks, Maple Worksheets, and lots of other complex analysis tools for your “toolkit.”

Well, that may not yet be enough resources for you, so just in case, let’s not forget about Wolfram Demonstrations, a search for the word “complex” produces (today) 154 demonstrations (here’s a link). Remember you have to first download the (free) Mathematica Player to experiment with those.

Can anyone tell I am procrastinating on my writing obligations this weekend?

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